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from 2018

Get to know the first premium butt plug that is designed with rotating beads for a sensational feeling of rimming that together with the vibrations in the top provide an unprecedented feeling. This compact, body-safe, seamless, silicone plug is highly charged to stimulate the right spots. To be used with or without the wireless remote control, so that there is also the possibility to play together.

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in a playful way

Ready to experiment with anal sex? Exciting, painful or delicious? There is but & eacute; n way to find out and that is doing it! The game attributes that are included in this game box such as a butt plug, analbeads and lubricant, will pamper you in a playful and caring manner. In addition, this game contains extensive order booklets in 10 languages. Be surprised by the handy tips and the assignments where mutual pleasure is central. Every assignment or position has its own specific advantages, so that you learn to experience what is the best for you. Take your time, do it slowly, with policy and enjoy each other. An absolute must for all people who want to experiment with anal sex in their sexual relationship with supporting attributes and tips in the game box.

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the wonderful world

of anal sex

Start your anal adventures with our butt plug set for beginners. Designed for beginners in the field of anal sex, the Novice Plug and Snug Plug are the perfect sextoys to improve your orgasms during foreplay, sex or solo moments. Our premium buttplugs are made of 100% body-safe silicone and should always be used with a lot of lubricant for the greatest satisfaction. The buttstuff bundle contains a water-based lubricant and a toy cleaner for you and your lover to dive into !

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Experience and shoot your anal sensations with the most innovative butt plugs on the market, the Rimming Plug 2 and Snug Plug 3. Why settle for normal anal sex toys when you can have the best of both toys? Our award-winning vibrating and non-vibrating butt plugs are made from premium, 100% body-safe silicone.

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Discover a sensational

P-spot orgasm!

This very flexible anal beads vibrator is already a joy to watch. Popular with many because of its 3 powerful vibrations that calm the anus and reward you with a sensational p-spot orgasm! From the popular sextoy line by Fifty Shades Darker.

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Next Gen Anal Vibrator

Je Joue - Nuo Remote + APP - butt plug - Black to play along with your partner. Nuo is a vibrating anal plug that can be operated wirelessly by means of a pen-shaped remote control. With this pen you have discreet control over the power and rhythm of the vibration, you can also give the pen to your partner. The Nuo can also be operated via the Je Joue app, which is free to download.

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Armor Tug is a revolutionary cock ring attached to a butt plug with a circumference of 14 cm for extra stimulation. What this toy is doing is that the cockring is perfectly close to the skin and your whole thing is lifted making your equipment look bigger and harder than normal!

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from Dutch soil

These booty plugs in medical silicone come in three sizes. The plugs are beautifully finished with a stone and look like jewels. The ideal training kit to further explore your body and undiscovered erogenous zones. So play your booty beauty with the butt plug set from the Dutch RIANNE S.

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Try Petite Sensations Pearls to feel absolute pleasure whether you are a beginner or an expert in anal use. This sleek set of vibrating anal beads is ideal for people who are new to anal use or the experienced users who crave world-changing sensations. Let your expectation turn to rewarding pleasure if you bring in every pearl, etc., and remove them at the point of orgasm for ultimate pleasure. The powerful 7 functions will rise through the t-shaped base at the end of the last pearl, which vibrates between your buttocks and throughout your body.

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Nobody knows it!

This special Perfect Fit butt plug is specially made for wearing under the clothing under a string. Experts find the wearing comfort sublime! Finally you can enjoy anal stimulation whenever and wherever you want without anyone knowing. The Perfect Fit butt plug is invisible in clothing and has a soft head. Enjoy alone or together with your partner and boost your relationship with sex in public!

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