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This set contains all the ingredients for a guaranteed top sex weekend. Start the foreplay by giving her a sensationally long orgasm through air pressure stimulation. The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe stimulates the clitoris with air pressure waves without touching it! For him the Satisfyer Men is included. This bestseller ensures the most intensive vibrating stimulation of the penis and brings the old-fashioned hand-job to a next level. Last but not least the Multifun 2 partner vibrator. This versatile vibrator has no less than 14 functions for you both and will become your new addiction in the bedroom. Now as an extra addition of FREE analbeads for a (first) anal sensation.

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Explore your intimate boundaries and together discover the workings of the seven luxury and erotic sextoy accessories. Also open & eacute; n of the 25 black envelopes. Here you find a challenging assignment every time. So forget that culinary dinner or the latest gadgets and invest in your relationship with the best present! Accessories: Massage oil, vibrating cock ring, sleeve for him, black smartballs, vibrator with 10 functions, refined mini vibrator with 10 functions, black satin bondage or blindfold, satin user bag, letter opener, batteries, 25 challenges, luxury storage box.

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With Kama Poker you start an exciting erotic adventure. For this game you do not have to be a professional poker player and passion is central. During the game you go through various rounds, in which the sexual tension is built up. From stripping to caressing and caressing to intimate highs, With the Kama Poker game you will experience it all. Just like with real poker, you can also match this game, raise your bet and bluff. This will all affect the erotic course of the game. You can play this game with the two of you, but with extra players it will provide even more sensation. And ssst! on average, women win more often than men ...

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for a long foreplay

Enjoy together or only from this set for couples. One toy for him and one toy for her. Use these before or during sex. The set consists of a rabbit vibrator and a vibrating masturbator. Both are USB rechargeable, waterproof and made of body safe silicone material. Both products are also equipped with a boost acceleration button for direct explosive extra stimulation.

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Are you ready for next level toys? The design of this vibrating bunny cock ring with vibrator provides great stimulation for both. Both the penis ring and the vibrator gives wonderful hard vibrations. Put the ring around your penis and your balls and use your penis and the vibrator to stimulate your partner vaginally and anally. The ring and vibrator are made of good quality and the silicone material feels soft and smooth. This cock ring also causes a harder penis and adjusts the orgasm.

Price € 62,95


Wish has 2 extra powerful engines. The vibrator gives powerful vibrations that are well perceptible at the top. The wide, flat model allows the Wish to be used throughout the body. The vibrations are the most powerful at the top, allowing the Wish to give a very focused clitoral stimulation. Because the material of the toy feels extra soft, it is very comfortable to use. Go for an intimate massage, external stimulation of the nipples, the clitoris, the penis, the glans or enjoy together with your partner. By placing the toy between you, you both enjoy the vibrations at the most sensitive spots.

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Feel the adrenalin in your body with the latest Flamingo Vibrator. This vibrating egg sends intense waves of pleasure straight to your G-Spot. Flamingo is the toy for couples who want to play horny games in public places and females who like to go out and enjoy secretly. Flamingo vibrates with your favorite music on your phone. But also voice, vibration patterns and games via internet chat are possible in the app. Finally, do not forget to wear your Flamingo while going out. From now on you will not only hear the beats in the discotheque but they will melt you of intimate pleasure by furiously stirring your G-Spot. Watch the video, it speaks for it-selves!

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YEAH!!! finally

The Cock Cam - Yes it's exactly what it sounds like! It's a micro camera that can be put around the base of your penis, which allows you to record all of your erotic moments. This exciting product is the first of it's kind on the market, bringing your home videos to the next level. We have encased the camera in a luxury feel matt black ring, which has a stretchy, yet tight sleeve. Designed to fit snuggly around the base of your penis, to give the camera a great point of view and also helps you keep a bigger and harder erection.

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Hands-free dual vibrator that simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot. The flexible design guarantees a perfect fit to the female body and has two intense motors and 10 different vibration patterns. Mini Romeo is suitable for couples because it is specially designed for use during penetration. The worked surface increases the pleasant feeling. It can be operated by both the button on the product itself and by the remote control, which has a range of 10-15 meters by the LRS (Lastic Remote System).

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Arm yourself against boredom and release the beast in you. Bring this sexy sleeve over your penis very easily for extra stimulation for both you and your partner. The Gladiator brings unique highlights in couples with its clitoris, prostate, anus and penis stimulation. The part for clitoral stimulation has an intensely ribbed open structure that brings your partner into ecstasy. The cock ring and penis shaft are specially made for its ultimate sensations and will make his penis harder than ever and postpone the orgasm for hours of pleasure!

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