The blowjob robot

that everyone talks about!

Slide your penis through the mouth opening and imagine yourself in the seventh heaven! This device is specially designed to mimic a blowjob. Manufacturer Autoblow has developed a very sophisticated sex toy with this blowjob masturbator. The suction movements of a pipe session have been recreated in detail. Do you want to be sucked hard or soft? You can easily arrange this by means of a push button. Tip: first set the suction speed to slow and let the suction slowly increase. With a fantastic highlight as result!

Price from € 150,00 now € 119,95

An advanced masturbator!

The Pulse III solo is a high tech masturbator with the most advanced technology, designed to deliver sensational orgasms. You do not need an erection to start, so very suitable for men who have less erection. The oscillations (a revolving motor) pulsates the penis to an erection. When used with lubricant, PULSE becomes a revolutionary masturbator of the next generation. When used without lubricant, PULSE transforms into a hands-free sextoy !

Price from € 119,00 now € 89,95

Next Gen Anal Vibrator

Je Joue - Nuo Remote + APP - butt plug - Black to play along with your partner. Nuo is a vibrating anal plug that can be operated wirelessly by means of a pen-shaped remote control. With this pen you have discreet control over the power and rhythm of the vibration, you can also give the pen to your partner. The Nuo can also be operated via the Je Joue app, which is free to download.

Price from € 139,00 now € 89,95

the wonderful world

of anal sex

Start your anal adventures with our butt plug set for beginners. Designed for beginners in the field of anal sex, the Novice Plug and Snug Plug are the perfect sextoys to improve your orgasms during foreplay, sex or solo moments. Our premium buttplugs are made of 100% body-safe silicone and should always be used with a lot of lubricant for the greatest satisfaction. The buttstuff bundle contains a water-based lubricant and a toy cleaner for you and your lover to dive into !

Price from € 205,00 now € 160,00

Discover a sensational

P-spot orgasm!

This very flexible anal beads vibrator is already a joy to watch. Popular with many because of its 3 powerful vibrations that calm the anus and reward you with a sensational p-spot orgasm! From the popular sextoy line by Fifty Shades Darker.

Price € 44,95

Everyone talks about this!

The LoversPremium Vulcan masturbator has 10 different vibration modes. These modes consist of both vibrating and pulsing. The inside of this masturbator feels nice and is made of silicone. Thanks to the waterproof material you can also use this masturbator in the bath or in the shower. This masturbator has an extra function, which creates an even faster and more powerful vibration. This explosive vibration will already bring you to delightful climaxes..

Price € 59,00


The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration features an innovative heat function that makes your pleasure breathtakingly realistic. You can adjust the heat function using 3 levels up to 40 degrees Celsius and let the comforting warmth in the soft and smooth love tunnel drive you absolutely crazy. If you close your eyes in pleasure-filled ecstasy and you just let yourself drift to the peak of pleasure, you’ll forget in a flash that you got here with a toy! Don’t believe it? Then try it out!!

Price € 59,95


The all-in-one

masturbation package

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friend or husband? Are you looking for a sextoy for yourself but you can not choose? Then this Loveboxxx is the ideal choice for you. This box contains various toys that are specially designed for men and comes in a very luxurious and discreet box with a beautiful design. The set consists of the following products: Masturbator, Silicone butt plug, Cockring, Prostate vibrator, Cock and ball ring and toybag.

Price from € 69,95 now € 59,95

Get Surprised

by Electro stimulation

This set contains not only a set of 4 reusable self-adhesive pads but also a pair of electrically conducting Ruber loops that are fully adjustable. For example, use a loop around your scrotum and one around the base of your penis. Adjust each loop to the necessary size with the sliding clasp, connect one end of each loop to the cable and you're ready to enjoy tingling balls! This package also contains a probe (electro dildo) that is perfectly suited for anal stimulation. Because of the electrodes placed lengthwise, you will feel a delicious tingling at every point with this dildo. These components together make the EM60-M a very good choice if you want to purchase a nice electrical starter package.

Price from € 200,95 now € 149,95

Nobody knows it!

This special Perfect Fit butt plug is specially made for wearing under the clothing under a string. Experts find the wearing comfort sublime! Finally you can enjoy anal stimulation whenever and wherever you want without anyone knowing. The Perfect Fit butt plug is invisible in clothing and has a soft head. Enjoy alone or together with your partner and boost your relationship with sex in public!

Price € 34,95


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