This bestseller of Jimmy Jane is limited only by the imagination. This dual-ended vibrator features a powerful motor in each end of the 58 cm flexible cord. Bend it, turn it, move it and share it. Use it solo for simultaneous internal and external stimulation by touching your sensitive spots on each side. Or share Ascend 7 with a partner for double pleasure and double pleasure.

Price from € 99,95 now € 89,95


The Eternal Swan is specially designed to be worn without harness, the Eternal Swan is held in place by her inner muscles so that both partners can express their love in the most sensual way. An egg shape at its end provides a firm grip that makes it possible for the slim but prominent top to create a beautiful intense intimacy between her and her partner. The Eternal Swan offers independently controlled vibrations protected by a virtually seamless, waterproof silicone finish which guarantees you 100% fun. Give in to the forbidden fantasy with the seductive Eternal Swan.

Price from € 122,95 now € 89,95

who run the world

The rabbit-style design vibrator, with two powerful motors and heating function. Some like it hot - This vibrator goes out to all the girls who run the world. With the two strong motors, you can stimulate the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously. The intensity of the 10 different patterns can be increased and decreased to reach “fantasyland” in no time. The vibrator can be warmed up with the heat function, because we know some like it hot. From the Dutch brand Rianne S.

Price from € 79,95 now € 69,95


The Queen Bee Massager provides two totally different, but delicious experiences. On one side of the massager you will find a powerful oscillation plate with the latest PulsePlate Technology. With this oscillation plate intense orgasms can be achieved. In total, the Queen Bee has 6 different oscillation positions, which can be operated with the pushbuttons. The PulsePlate technology has won several awards and will certainly not disappoint. The other side of the Queen Bee Massager has a soft massage area, which is suitable for both body massage and clitoral stimulation.

Price from € 149,00 now € 89,95



Probably the most versatile and creative vibrator on the market, suitable for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation. The Double ended vibrator from Adrien Lastic has infinite possibilities for use, allowing users to let their imagination run free. The vibrator can be enjoyed both vaginally and anally. Both ends have different sizes and individual motors, so you can play with the ends separately and feel every unique sensation. Because the shape of 2 vibrators is extra long with a slender silicone band in the middle, the sex toy is extra flexible. The vibrator can be used solo for simultaneous anal and vaginal stimulation to feel completely saturated, or to use the ends separately, or to use the vibrator with a partner.

Price € 84,90


Wish has 2 extra powerful engines. The vibrator gives powerful vibrations that are well perceptible at the top. The wide, flat model allows the Wish to be used throughout the body. The vibrations are the most powerful at the top, allowing the Wish to give a very focused clitoral stimulation. Because the material of the toy feels extra soft, it is very comfortable to use. Go for an intimate massage, external stimulation of the nipples, the clitoris or enjoy together with your partner. By placing the toy between you, you both enjoy the vibrations at the most sensitive spots.

Price van € 139,00 voor € 92,95



Feel the adrenalin in your body with the latest Flamingo Vibrator. This vibrating egg sends intense waves of pleasure straight to your G-Spot. Flamingo is the toy for couples who want to play horny games in public places and females who like to go out and enjoy secretly. Flamingo vibrates with your favorite music on your phone. But also voice, vibration patterns and games via internet chat are possible in the app. Finally, do not forget to wear your Flamingo while going out. From now on you will not only hear the beats in the discotheque but they will melt you of intimate pleasure by furiously stirring your G-Spot. Watch the video, it speaks for it-selves!

Price from € 74,95 now € 69,95

the most comfortable

strap-on ever made!

With its innovative one-piece shape that the body follows, Zoro is the better way to use a strap-on. The smart design spreads the pressure of the toy, making it stable and considerably more functional. Zoro's ergonomic design feels like it is an integral part of the anatomy so that both partners can share love! The jock-style elastic waistband makes Zoro the most comfortable strap-on in the world. It also makes it possible to switch the strap-on on and off in a few seconds. Zoro's unique design features a built-in opening to allow vaginal sex.

Price from € 93,95 now € 64,95


The Lelo Sona is Lelo's newest sextoy, which stimulates the clitoris by means of air pressure stimulation. This clitoral vibrator stimulates the entire clitoris, not just the part you can see. With the Sona you will feel deep inside. Thanks to the waterproof silicone design of the Lelo Sona you can also use it in the bath or in the shower. The Sona's suction mouth feels nice on the skin. In total you can choose between 8 different vibration modes, which can be operated with the pushbuttons. You can charge the Sona with the included USB cable.

Price from € 99,00 now € 69,00

Discover a sensational

A-spot orgasm!

This very flexible anal beads vibrator is already a joy to watch. Popular with many because of its 3 powerful vibrations that calm the anus and reward you with a sensational A-spot orgasm! From the popular sextoy line by Fifty Shades Darker.

Price € 44,95


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